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Stefanie Cho is a political candidate running for Tiburon Town Council. She believes in offering a fresh voice and new perspective.

A staunch believer in community, she wants to hear about quality of life issues that are important in Tiburon, as well as to protect the community from State overreach for the impossible housing mandates that are illogically imposed. Tiburon can and should fight back. 

On The Isses


Why Am I Running?

I am running for the open seat on the Town Council because I love Tiburon and I want to work collaboratively with both stakeholders and the current Council to address concerns. The top issue that I hear about repeatedly is regarding the housing mandates.


They are described as punitive, with a negative impact on Tiburon. There is also considerable worry about the impacts that increased traffic will have on our ability to safely navigate streets daily or to evacuate.


The State of California uses the many Senate and Assembly Bills in its toolbox to impose and enforce mandated changes without the necessary support for a democratic process. We cannot, in many cases, even comment anymore when it comes to the required housing developments. This should change and we need to fight back. 

How can I be effective?

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I ran a boutique tax firm for over a decade. Being client facing for a myriad of personal, corporate, trust and nonprofit tax returns meant that I needed to understand a complex system of forms, schedules, rules and deadlines while consistently explaining and implementing ethical and best practices. Participating in local government requires the same type of acumen and responsibility. 

The best advice I have received?

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well” is the quote that comes to mind. I will always be prepared and in attendance at meetings. We may be volunteers, but we are elected officials. We must listen and implement policies that matter to you.  

My Pledge

•  I will encourage open dialogue and regular collaboration with residents to foster a vibrant and inclusive community.

•  I will work to maintain the charm and character of Tiburon while also protecting open space.

•  I will promote awareness of emergency preparedness; as a Board member of LCOTNA I have collaborated on an updated plan to build a sense of community resilience as we strive to enhance the safety of people and property in Tiburon.

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